As a client, we provide you with certified networking installation services. Whether you have one or hundreds of computers, we accommodate all types & sizes. We install, configure & test the entire network.


Professional installation of our equipment comes standard. We take care of all stages of the installation process; provide detailed instructions & train our clients to operate their specific systems.


If you are in the construction phase of your building, give us a call. It is the most cost effective stage to commence the wiring process. We simply come back when the walls are up & terminate the connections.

system design

Not sure what you need? Let us know. We can provide you with professional proposals based on what you want, even as a separate service. Give us the opportunity to provide you the best informed choices.

ip address

Every computer connected to the Internet has a unique identifier called an IP address. This IP address lookup service is provided at no cost by Digital Signal in order for our clients to provide us with the correct address.

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